Better every play.

Creatively capturing the story in front of the lens, whether it’s short films, music videos, events, weddings, photography or anything in-between. We perfectly capture and tell a story using custom and creative video production that deserves to be looped.

Sit back, relax, and just press play.

Creatively capturing your story.

There’s a special feeling you get when you’re engrossed in the sound and picture of your favourite videos and films. When you can’t help but watch it over and over. It’s a feeling that doesn’t come around all that often.

At Loop Motion, we want to change that.

We call it the immersive experience. It’s a feeling that we believe every video should leave the viewer with. So we’ve spent ten years in the video production game mastering it. Every video created is with this feeling in mind, so the viewer has one thing left to do.

Press Play. Loop.


imaginative storytelling.


bringing music to life.


cinematic memories.


promo & spoken word.


visual realisation.
Loop Motion

Showreel 2018

An immersive experience is something we can physically feel when watching.

Here’s a little about what we get up to at Loop Motion.

Describing what we do is simple. It’s the ‘how we do it’ which has taken practice and expertise from over ten years experience in the world of video production.

Over this time, we’ve got used to the most common creative challenges you face and have the tools and creativity to help you overcome them. So if you want a film, wedding video or a music video to take pride in, choose Loop Motion to create a video your audience will want to play and loop over and over again.

So that’s who we are, and what we do. Just Press Play. Loop.
Here’s what we have to play with:.
  • Expert knowledge from a team who’ve worked on a variety of diverse project styles.
  • Down-to-earth personalities who will work with you until your perfect video is created.
  • Story-telling techniques to keep your audience fixated on your video.
  • Photography that brings aspirational imagery to life everyday across campaign, video and online content
  • No nonsense approach to deadlines, delivering projects efficiently, on time, every time.

Find out for yourself. Check out projects we’ve worked on over the years.

Our most recent work.


La Selva Giadino Belvedre

La Selva Giardino del Belvedere, © 2015 Loop Motion. La Selva Giardino del Belvedere is a villa located in the Chianti hills, Tuscany, only 40 minutes…

Yesterday’s Veterans

'Yesterday's Veterans' starring Don Collins & Fred Morris. © 2018, Loop Motion & Stereobyte Studio. In loving memory of Richard "Don" Collins.

Books | The Darling Mundaring

'Books' © 2018, The Darling Mundaring, Loop Motion & Stereobyte Studio. Follow The Darling Mundaring

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